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OPEEP Program Support

Please help us increase access to quality higher education for incarcerated and justice-involved individuals by making a tax-deductible gift to the Ohio Prison Education Exchange Project.

To expand the numbers of students afforded this transformative learning experience, your donation at OPEEP will help to:

• Increase the number and disciplinary range of inside-out courses offered at OSU;

• Expand opportunities for transformative, experiential learning for current OSU campus students;

• Develop partnerships with other central Ohio colleges and universities to expand programming and degree completion pathways for incarcerated students and returned citizens; and

• Establish one of the first national college-in-prison degree programs based primarily on the collaborative pedagogies of inside-out courses.

Special Thanks to our donors:

Victoria Beach, David Lewis Chengelis, Simone Drake, Anne Flamm, Penelope Foudeas, Mary Lynn Harper, Abdurrehman Khan, Kimberly Manno, Constance Matts, Mary Ellen Matts, Neema Mayhugh, Joan Olszko, Aphrodite Papadakis, Thean Pelecanos, Eleni Pelecanos-Matts, Emma Ponitz, Aaron Purnell, Simran Singh, Usha Stiefel, Tim Sweeney, Shuling Tai, Terry Tobian, Sarah Van Beurden